About Fleet Mobility Today   
Fleet Mobility Today (FMT) is a communication channel which promotes innovative fleet and mobility B2B insight in the Americas, covering North America out of the USA and South America out of Brazil mainly focusing on the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile with the support of media (written, video, audio), educational courses, and corporate events. Although our website is mainly in English, we publish media in three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

Supporting our initiative is the Fleet and Mobility Managers Club (FMMC), a selected group of more than 50 professionals from six countries meeting several times a year to discuss challenges, solutions, and strategies amongst each other. FMT's goal is to bring the Americas closer together, building on our successes and learning from our mistakes.

Corporate Branding
While we disseminate news about the market, we also assist suppliers in the fleet and mobility industry with strategic boutique services such as market research, advertising, corporate communication, among others.
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Fleet Mobility today is ABOUT the Americas, FROM the Americas.
Fleet Mobility Today founder Daniel Bland has been a B2B journalist and advisor for markets associated with transportation infrastructure, vehicle fleet, and urban mobility since 2008.

Besides supporting multinationals with their media relation needs today, Daniel has worked with promotion and marketing in the music industry.