Fleet Mobility Today bringing Americas' fleet management community together
by Daniel Bland, April 2024
The Fleet Mobility Today Community (FMTC) reached a milestone on Monday (April 15), now topping 500 fleet, facilities, and procurement experts who make up part of the 5,000 members – also known as INSIDERS - which have subscribed to the Fleet Mobility Today (FMT) Newsletter.
The goal of FMT is to build a network of professionals aimed at collectively maturing the fleet and mobility market and optimizing strategies throughout the Americas by sharing best practices among FMTC members.
Situated in more than 10 countries throughout the region, the most prominent number of FMTC fleet, facilities, and procurement experts are located in Latin America’s largest vehicle market Brazil with more than 220 members.
Following Brazil are more than 140INSIDERS from the United States - the largest national fleet in the Americas – and nearly 100 from Mexico.
Wrapping up the Top 10 countries in the FMTC network are experts from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.  Some representation also stems from countries such as Spain and Portugal.
The goal of FMT is to unite its INSIDERS by creating an environment where each member can leverage this collective knowledge by discussing challenges and developing solutions through FMT Expert Talks sessions and Exclusive Meetings.
If you are an INSIDER and have a question to a fleet or mobility challenge in the Americas that you want to bring up for public discussion, send an email to support@fleetmobilitytoday.com and write QUESTION in the subject line. Your personal information will be kept confidential.
If you are not an INSIDER and would like to become one, simply click here.