Fleet Mobility Today launches it's platform

Fleet Mobility Today (FMT), a new communication channel aimed at promoting best practices in corporate fleet & mobility throughout the Americas, kicks off phase I of its business plan today (February 29) Leap Year 2024!

With presence in the United States and Brazil, FMT disseminates industry news mainly taking place in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile, through its new website fleetmobilitytoday.com.

Besides publishing written, video, and audio content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, FMT has plans during phase II of its launch to produce educational courses and corporate events.

"While we disseminate news about the market, we also support companies with strategic boutique services such as market research and consultation as well as corporate branding, advertising, and other services,” says FMT founder Daniel Bland.

"To support our mission, we are looking for key industry players to collaborate with us. We are already starting with the expertise of Mexico's automotive fleet managers association AMAFA, bringing you much needed insight and networking," added Daniel.

"Through this partnership, we are looking forward to providing knowledge, education, and networking to the fleet and mobility industry, increasing expertise in a quick and efficient manner, says AMAFA co-founder Jaime Bringas, adding "AMAFA brings much experience to the industry, and we are looking for a valued network to share this knowledge."

During the pre-launch phase, the Fleet Mobility Today Association (FMTA) has already attracted more than 4,800 "FMT Insiders", meaning those that have subscribed to the FMT Newsletter. For more information, visit fleetmobilitytoday.com or subscribe hereThanks to all the FMT Insiders, and we look forward to crossing paths with you soon.

Fleet Mobility today is ABOUT the Americas, FROM the Americas.

Thank You, Gracias, Obrigado!

Daniel Bland Founder, Fleet Mobility Today

Journalists / Press karen@fleetmobilitytoday.com

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